My Sunflowers Are Blooming!!!

I love sunflowers! I’ve tried to grow them a few times, but they’ve been the single stalk variety that seem to take forevvvvvvver. Plus, I’ve only planted, like 5 plants. I don’t know why. That just seems to be how it worked out.

But this year.

This year I planted the branching variety and they’re really starting to bloom. I’ll take more pictures soon, but I wanted to show these off right away.

They’re really pretty.






My zinnias are blooming, too!


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9 thoughts on “My Sunflowers Are Blooming!!!

  1. The big ones are too big anyway! They are not the sort of flower you would want to cut and bring inside! I grew branched sunflowers years ago for a neighbor from Oklahoma, and really got to liking them! The finches loved them too!


      1. I sort of snuck some of the lower flowers from my old sunflowers where no one would miss them, and brought them in. The next day, I returned from work to find a raging party of finches in the dining room, with the big vase of water knocked over, and frass and poop and even a few feathers EVERYWHERE!


      2. I would not have expected them to want the seed from flowers that were still blooming. I would have thought that those seed would have been too green for them. As those left out in the garden dried, the finches REALLY partied. Fortunately, they stayed outside. Yours might still be too fresh.


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