Starting a Cut Flower Garden

This year, we’re starting a new venture-cut flowers! When we were in the hospital after having Anne, we received a vase of fresh flowers as a congratulations. I’ve never really been into growing flowers, but seeing how much it brightened up the hospital room and later our house, I thought about how nice it would be to be able to bring that light and joy to others.

I’ve never been much into growing flowers–I’d much rather grow things we can eat–but I think it will grow on me. I’m going to share the process here, so you’ll get to see all the mistakes and triumphs along the way!

Zinnia Seeds!

Ryan rototilled a new garden bed for me. He had to go over it twice before the dirt was loose enough to plant in. Weeds are going to be ridiculous this year, but I did the best I could getting the big clumps out. You can see them along the edges of the bed and the paths.

The garden is 9’x30′, and I broke that into three 30″ beds with two 18″ walkways in between them. I did some reading on how to do intensive planting (Floret Flowers is a great resource) and modified their bed size to fit what we do with our garden beds.

Cut Flower Garden (6%2F9%2F18).png
Cut Flower Garden (6/9/18)


9×9 (left)                                                             12×12 (middle)                              18×18 (right)

Zinnia                                                                 Calendula                                       Sunflower

Snapdragons                                                     Amaranth

Ageratum                                                           Cosmos




I don’t actually know what some of the flowers look like. Which is weird. I looked them up when I decided what to plant, but I can’t remember what everything was, and a lot I haven’t seen in real life. So this year is extra exciting because lots of these will be a surprise when they pop up!

6 thoughts on “Starting a Cut Flower Garden

  1. Oh my! Don’t get TOO involved. Flowers are a lot of work! I briefly grew Peruvian lilies back in the summer of 1986. It was great as a summer job, but is serious work for those who do it all the time! In the home garden, they are so much fun that they can get you to allocate more space to them, until they take over!


    1. I’m interested to see how I feel about them after they all bloom, and I see how much time I need to invest. Right now, I’m super excited, but I’ll keep you posted as the summer progresses!

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      1. Well, have fun. I do not grow nearly as many flowers as I used to (because I grow more fruits and vegetables), but I still really like the few that I grow. I never get tired of my bearded iris, even though they are just ornamentals in the garden (not for cutting). Peruvian lilies grow like weeds for us, but the flowers get cut before I see them.


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