Garden Update!

My flower garden is not as abundant as I had hoped. This could be due to the fact that it was put in later than I wanted…and I don’t really weed or water it. It’s possible that’s the problem. But, regardless, flowers are starting to bloom!

Branching Sunflowers0730181556


Red Spike Amaranth0730181557a


The next two pictures are not from my garden. They’re from my mother-in-law’s. She’s a much better gardener than I am, something to do with weeding and watering, I think-and she’s been kind enough to keep me supplied with bouquets this year!img_20180726_101236_720



4 thoughts on “Garden Update!

  1. The climate here is quite arid, but zinnias get powdery mildew anyway! I do not even bother growing them anymore. I really want to grow sunflowers again. I have only grown a few varieties, so have not yet found one that I don’t like.


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