5 Things I’m Looking Forward to this Spring

Spring is right around the corner. At least here in Wisconsin. If you’re somewhere south of us, it’s probably already spring, and you’re basking in sunshine and flowers. My aunt in Virginia already has some flowers popping up in her garden. We’re still hoping all the snow melts before June. But not too fast because … More 5 Things I’m Looking Forward to this Spring

Garden Update!

My flower garden is not as abundant as I had hoped. This could be due to the fact that it was put in later than I wanted…and I don’t really weed or water it. It’s possible that’s the problem. But, regardless, flowers are starting to bloom! Branching Sunflowers Calendula Red Spike Amaranth Cosmos The next … More Garden Update!

Lambs on Pasture

This is a our first year raising lambs, and so far we really like it. Other than purchasing the lambs and electric netting, there are very few inputs. They eat grass and drink water and enjoy the sunshine! In addition to having a few people who wanted us to raise grass fed lamb, we wanted … More Lambs on Pasture