Lambs on Pasture

This is a our first year raising lambs, and so far we really like it. Other than purchasing the lambs and electric netting, there are very few inputs. They eat grass and drink water and enjoy the sunshine!

In addition to having a few people who wanted us to raise grass fed lamb, we wanted to get them to help manage the pasture where we keep our chickens and other areas of fast growing grass that are difficult to mow. They’ve been doing their job well!

The most noticeable job they’ve done is the little side hill that runs along the driveway at the edge of the pasture. This area has been too grown up to mow, and it’s full of brush, briers, and small trees.

On the left of the first picture, you can see how overgrown the hill is. The lambs started where you can first start to see the brown of the ground and then each picture shows where they moved next.





Yesterday, we moved them so that they’re in front of the chicken pens to knock the grass down a little ahead of the chickens. I’ll be doing a post soon about how we move the chickens and the stages of the pasture as they travel. Stay tuned!

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