Thoughts on the First Chicken Processing of the Summer

Our first batch of chickens is in the freezer! We’ve seriously considered sending our chickens out to be butchered, but after lots of thought and discussion, we decided to keep doing them ourselves. We really like that we’re the only ones that have handled each bird from start to finish. We’re able to treat each … More Thoughts on the First Chicken Processing of the Summer

The Pigs Are Here!

We picked up our pigs last week! This year, we got 5 red wattle crosses. When we first get them, we keep them near the pig shed so they have shelter while they’re little. After they acclimate to their new home, we’ll move them out to the pasture, so they can start really grazing. In … More The Pigs Are Here!

Bringing Home Bees

Last year was our first year with bees. There’s a pretty steep learning curve with the first beehive. Ryan does most of the bee work, so he installs the bees and inspects the hive. Last year went really well. Our hive split on the 4th of July, and we weren’t able to recover the swarm, … More Bringing Home Bees