5 Things I’m Looking Forward to this Spring

Spring is right around the corner. At least here in Wisconsin. If you’re somewhere south of us, it’s probably already spring, and you’re basking in sunshine and flowers. My aunt in Virginia already has some flowers popping up in her garden.

We’re still hoping all the snow melts before June. But not too fast because we don’t want anymore flooding. Apparently, we’re supposed to get some snow this week.

As spring approaches, I get spring fever (just like every single other person), and I wanted to share the things that I look forward to the most.

Budding Trees

Does this happen to anyone else? Every year I search and wait and search and wait for the first buds to appear on the trees. Then I see a few, and I’m like “yes! I saw the first ones. Now I’ll watch as they slowly turn to leaves, and this is the year that I’ll pay enough attention to see the whole transformation.”

Then I look up and all of the trees are full of leaves, and I missed it yet again.

This is the year that I’ll notice the leaves as they grow.

Taking the Kids to the Park

I always feel like I’m in a rush to do the next thing. So, this spring (and forever), I want to take the kids to the park with enough time to just sit. I’d like to say we’ll stay until they’re ready to go, but given Atlas’s love of slides, we’d probably be there for two days.

So, we’re not going to get crazy and set up camp, but I would like to stay for longer than 20 minutes and not think about how much I’m going to do when I get home.

Heck, maybe we’ll even take a picnic!

A Trip to Minneapolis

We aren’t very good at taking vacations or even smaller trips, but every now and then we’ll schedule something and take off for a few days.

In October, Ryan and I went away (by ourselves!) and stayed overnight in Door County, and it was wonderful.

Two years ago, we went to Madison and toured the Capitol, went to the Wisconsin Historical Museum, and ate pizza at Ian’s Pizza by the Slice.

Last year, we had Anne at the beginning of March and decided not to do a spring trip.

This year, after a long and very cold winter, we decided that we needed to get away even if it’s just for the night.

The plan as of right now is to go to the Sea Life Aquarium and the Paw Patrol park at the Mall of America.

Atlas is definitely at an age where he would think the aquarium is cool, and I think Anne would be fascinated.

I can’t wait to see how Atlas reacts to the Paw Patrol park. He’s ridiculously into Paw Patrol right now, along with apparently every other child in America, so while it’s not my idea of a great time, seeing him excited makes it worth it. Anne will like it because she likes everything!

Planting the Garden

I’m a terrible gardener. Like, terrible.

I barely weed and rarely water, and sometimes I don’t harvest.

But I do plant…actually Ryan plants. But in my defense, I had just had a baby last year, so I got out of a lot.

Last year, we really tried to expand the garden, and things didn’t really go as planned. We’re using the new baby as an excuse, but really, we just didn’t make it a priority like we thought we would.

This year, our approach will be much more focused. We like to make salsa (which didn’t get done last year), so tomatoes, green peppers, and jalapenos are definitely on the list. I love using zucchini, but I think two plants will be more than enough (instead of the 5 that we usually plant).

Radishes are a no. I think people plant radishes because they grow so easily, so they end up being a confidence booster. One year I picked them, and that was ok, but not really worth it.

Definitely potatoes. If you’ve never gone out to the garden and dug potatoes for supper, you’re missing out. They are amazing.

Same goes for carrots.

We’ll also plant beets because pickled beets are amazing.

I’m also excited to plant a flower garden again. I was surprised by how much I loved having fresh flowers in the yard and in the house. The front yard also needs a tune up, and I’d like to get a lot of perennials planted this year. Hopefully the ones I planted last year will pop up!


That’s all. Just lilacs.

That’s all five things! I was trying to think of another one and then realized that I already had five, so I’ll leave you with a bonus…

Yard naps are always a nice part of spring :).

3 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Looking Forward to this Spring

  1. Yeah, we are in California, so it is like that. Spring is like . . . . half over. It was fun while it lasted. Actually though, it was a bit late for us. I like to brag about it, but some people had bloom of some odds and ends before we did, and I don’t just mean Southern California and Florida.
    Sadly, lilacs are not much fun here. Most people here are from somewhere else, and many of those from the Midwest want to grow lilacs. They do actually grow and sort of bloom here, even in the Los Angeles region. However, they are never quite what they should be. Contrary to popular believe, the common species, Syringa vulgaris, blooms as well here as the French hybrids that are supposedly more tolerant of minimal chill . . . . but still, none are all that great.


    1. We just had another few inches of snow, so I’m starting to be afraid that spring will never come. But I think that every year.

      The lilacs here are beautiful, but when we lived in Idaho, the yard of our first house was FILLED with them. And there was one right outside my classroom, so I would reach out the window and cut a few to put in water on my desk. Our second house had two, I think. Every year I plan to plant one at our house here and never do. This is the year!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. At work, we are trying to plant more of the traditional flowering shrubbery that is not so common in California anymore, such as forsythia, flowering quince and mock orange. We might add lilac to that list, but they would not be easy to get from local nurseries. Those that are available are the ‘new and improved’ sort, that are no more distinctive than the cheap and common plants hebes and such.


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