A New Addition to the Farm

As we grow our farm, we’re really making sure to do things as deliberately as possible while keeping things manageable.

Last year, we focused on our chicken production which went from 25 chickens for ourselves in the summer of 2016 to raising and processing 300 chickens in the summer of 2017. We only raised 4 pigs which allowed for us to focus on chickens and the garden.

This year, we’re planning on raising 300-350 chickens and 5 pigs. We’ve expanded our garden again to include not only vegetables but cut flowers as well. And our biggest new addition this year is sheep!



We’re working on building a system where all of the animals have their purpose. In this case, the sheep are placed in ahead of the broiler pens and graze the grass down to a more manageable length for the chickens to eat.


They are given an area to graze each day and moved each afternoon to fresh grass. We use electric netting to keep them in; they got used to it quickly and wasted no time chowing down on their new pasture.


They’re really fun to watch and always “meh” at us when we go to check the chickens!


We’re excited to see how this new venture pans out!

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