The Chickens Are Here!

Yesterday morning, Ryan got a phone call saying our first batch of chicks was in! We weren’t expecting them until today, so after a bit of scrambling around to get their brooder ready, off he went to pick them up.


Because of the weather, we haven’t been able to get the big hens into their portable coop, so they’re still in the brooder where we are supposed to put the chicks. As a solution until the weather warms up a little more, the chicks are in the garage with deep bedding and heat lamps to keep them warm and chirping away.


The layers were hanging out in the chicken “solarium” today and enjoying the warmth, but when I went to take pictures of them, they tried to run right past me, so I know they’re anxious to get out to pasture.


As soon as spring shows up, we’ll be getting all of the chickens out to pasture to enjoy the sunshine and grass!

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