Around the Ranch-August 29, 2017

Here’s what we’ve been up to!

  • We’ve processed three batches of chickens. That’s 150 birds! We have 150 to go until we’re done for the year.
  • We’ve sold out of three batches of chickens!
  • The pigs have been processed which makes chores much quicker.
  • All of the chickens are here. There are 100 in the pasture pens and 50 in the brooder.
  • The pullets are starting to lay eggs, so we’re getting about 7 a day. As soon as they all start laying, we’ll be offering eggs in addition to our other products.
  • We’ve been re-planting garden beds that have been harvested. Now, we’re waiting on turnips and batch round of carrots.
  • We canned one batch of jalapenos, and we’re just about ready for another. We need 20 jars or so to get us through the year!
  • We canned two batches of pickled beets and frequently have purple tongues. They’re so good!

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