Labor of Love…or Hunger

Ryan and I grilled burgers last night, and as we enjoyed our meal, we talked about where it came from.  Taking a look at what actually went into our meal of venison burgers, hamburger buns, red potatoes, and spinach salad actually surprised me.

  • The venison came from a deer that we hunted, butchered, and packaged.
  • The garden from which the potatoes and spinach came was rototilled, worked, planted and tended last year, cover cropped over the winter, and re-worked in the spring. It also needs frequent weeding and watering.
  • The potatoes were planted, tended (my personal war is against potato bugs), and harvested.
  • The spinach was planted, thinned, tended, harvested, tended, and re-harvested.
  • The hamburger buns were made with eggs from our chickens that require feeding and watering and checking everyday and took about an hour from start to finish.

Coming from a place where all of my food came from the grocery store, my life and food habits have undergone an evolution in the past 7 years or so. We’ve been cooking from scratch for a number of years, and now it comes very naturally, but if you would have told me 7 years ago with my cart heaped with Diet Coke, frozen pizzas, hot dogs, and the cheapest mac and cheese I could find that this is how I would be cooking and living, I would have laughed.


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